Hello and Welcome!  I’m Heather, the owner of The Paper Stash!

A Brief History of Me: Whether it was designing a cover for a story, props for an event, or a whole board of information and facts for a project, one of my favourite projects to do is take on design. I attended art school part time from 1986-2000, so art and design are basically ingrained in my being!  I’ve been a certified photographer since I completed college in 2005.  Since 2011, The Paper Stash has been my outlet for creativity and my design skills.  The shop has become a huge success, shipping thousands of handmade orders worldwide.  I run The Paper Stash as a small design studio comprised of just myself for the time being while raising my 2 kids alongside my husband.  I am passionate about utilizing my creative skills and easing the stress of event planning with new products everyone can enjoy for a multitude of events.

Further Information About The Paper Stash:

The company has grown from a small side hobby into a steady business by obtaining a large and growing fan base through several social and e-commerce websites.  The Paper Stash specializes in Handmade and Customized Paper and Printable DIY Products for all Special Occasions in Orillia, Ontario, Simcoe County, GTA, Canada, USA, Australia, and the United Kingdom and Ireland. Paper Products include customized Gift Tags, Favour Tags, Seed Envelope Packets, banners, bunting, and more arriving soon.  Products include personalization for Weddings, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Parties, Birthdays, and Memorial Services.   Digital products include printable PDF templates, Cut Files, SVG Files, Printable Seed Packets, Printable Gift Tags, and templates for most of the handmade items in the shop. I aim to work with my customers to create the products they envision for special events and small businesses.



A few extra tidbits about me:

  • I am a huge introvert.  Probably why I have the job that I do!
  • I love hiking and camping in forests.
  • I love my coffee black, dark roast preferred!
  • I have two tattoos, with plans in the works for more.
  • I married the love of my life on our 10th anniversary and have been busy raising our 2 amazing kids on top of running The Paper Stash
  • I’ve had almost every hair colour out there.
  • I’m drawing, sketching or painting ideas on a daily basis. It’s basically my life-long obsession.
  • I love to get a good night’s rest.  I am definitely NOT a night owl these days! (see above: “I love my coffee…”)

Welcome! I’m Heather Joy, owner of The Paper Stash.

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